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Jacoby 2NT "Original" Author: Larry Cohen Date - JUNE 2012 & Level: Intermediate Most tournament players use "Jacoby 2NT" in conjunction with their 5-card major system. After an opening of 1-MAJ, a jump to 2NT is conventional. It promises a GF hand and at least 4-card support. Jacoby 2NT is a bridge convention in which a bid of 2NT over partner's opening bid of one heart 1 ♥ or one spade 1 ♠ shows a hand with both opening strength or better - normally at least 12 HCP or a hand meeting the "Rule of 20" criteria, and; at least four-card support for opener's major suit. He will simply jump to sign-off in game. Meanwhile, you have not given away opener's shape to the opponents. It is too easy to lead and defend against standard Jacoby 2NT, when you are told opener has a singleton. It is much better to keep this information concealed on most deals. Article reproduced with permission from Larry Cohen. According to Larry Cohen the 12 conventions that should be in every players deck are: 1. Negative Doubles 2. Blackwood 3. Stayman 4. Jacoby Transfers 5. 4th Suit Game Force 6. Methods vs Opponents NoTrump DONT 7. Weak Jumps in Competition 8. 2NT asks after our Weak-Two Bids 9. Unusual NoTrump/Michaels 10. New Minor Forcing Chechback 11. Jacoby 2NT. Jacoby 2N is an artificial game-forcing 13 total/support points response to 1 with 4-card support. As such, it is also useful when playing 2-Over-1 Forcing. Jacoby 2N is off in competition or if the 2N bidder "responder" is a passed hand. The purpose of Jacoby 2N.

27/05/2019 · The responses to the 2NT are very similar to the ones mentioned by Larry Cohen although his article still says that Jacoby 2nt is a game force. None of these responses are the ones I learned as responses for Jacoby 2nt. I am curious as to how many people play traditional Jacoby 2NT and how many play this modified version. In addition, the modern Jacoby 2NT limits the amount of gratuitous distribution disclosure to the defense when neither opener nor responder has the extra values required for slam. Although there are many forms of modern Jacoby 2NT, the one with which I am familiar is described by Larry Cohen. 1 Jacoby 2NT, game-forcing major-suit raise. 2 Heart shortness. East’s final bid is not very scientific — a grand slam might be missed if opener had a heart void instead of a singleton, or 6♠ might be too much if opener has a singleton heart honor such as the king — but it will be on target much of the time.

The Jacoby 2NT response to 1!H/1!S is very popular in both the US and the UK, but I'm having trouble identifying a system of rebids that is both effective and popular. The most popular approach would seem to be the original system, whereby opener bids a singleton at the 3 level and shows a good second suit at the 4 level. 3NT and 3 or 4 of the. Jacoby 2 Notrump Jacoby 2NT, Jacoby Two Notrump After a major suit one level opening bid by partner, the conventional response of 2 Notrump shows 4 card trump support with an opening hand and interest in slam. After responder's 2 Notrump call, opener's rebids to Jacoby 2 Notrump are typically "slow-shows - fast denies" strength. Over a 1M-2NT-3D Yabba-Dabba-Cue says that: X shows a minimum hand Double=Doubt P shows a hand that requires a better hand than promised by the 2NT response to make slam. Pass=Points any bid other than 4D would show a minimum slam hand Bid=Bonus 4D would show a slam forcing hand that was interested in a grand Cue=Curious.

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